Training for first aid in remote regions

Training for first aid in remote regions

As part of RiskWorkers' training session for first aid in remote regions you can learn steps for pre-clinical care in the event that conventional rescue structures are not available or out of reach. The training session is designed for first aid overseas, but the steps learned will also be of assistance in the event of accidents at remote construction sites in the home country.

Realistic and practical training

Not every country can provide medical care in line with that offered in Germany. During an overseas deployment it is the knowledge of first aiders and their ability to improvise that will often decide whether an injured person survives or not. This is where RiskWorkers’ first aid training session for remote regions comes in: it prepares travellers to provide care in emergency situations and in difficult conditions. We adapt our training session to our customers’ unique needs, enabling us to shape it so that it is as realistic and practical as possible. First aiders can only act swiftly and intuitively in an emergency, and take the right steps to save a life, if they are familiar with the situation.

An overview of the content of our training session for first aid in remote regions

Participants in our first aid training session learn:

  • how to quickly assess the severity of wounds and injuries in line with MARCH-ON guidelines
  • how to stop a wound from bleeding under challenging conditions
  • how to treat and prevent shock, including peripheral vein-related and intraosseous approaches
  • how to clear the airways (and keep them clear), and how to use nasopharyngeal and laryngeal tubes
  • how to care for injury patterns resulting from trauma
  • basic principles of wound care and dressing theory
  • injuries and wound patterns
  • how to deal with medical supplies
  • how to handle qualified patient transfer to medical personnel
Talk to us: we will adapt our first aid training session for overseas deployment to suit your individual company’s situation.