Security training for business travellers

Security training for business travellers

Overseas security training ensures that you meet your statutory obligations in terms of information and protection, while simultaneously making sure that your business travellers and expats are even more safe. A strong, interdisciplinary team of specialists spreads our wealth of experience from RiskWorkers projects around the globe, thereby ensuring that participants are perfectly prepared for any potential risks at their destinations.

What can increase security during secondments?

Sicherheit im Ausland | RiskWorkers Sicherheitsberatung
Security abroad | RiskWorkers’ Security Advice Service Business travellers can best boost their security if employees recognise risk situations swiftly, and thereby avoid them. If it is impossible to avoid the situation, it is necessary to act prudently and keep a cool head. In order for employees to be able to do this, they must already have thought through appropriate situations and experienced them in planning exercises.

To summarise: an employee who has learnt how to behave correctly as part of travel security training will claw back valuable time in actual risk situations, with this time otherwise having been lost during the search for potential ways forward. The employee will be able to defuse situations in a targeted, efficient way, thereby protecting life, limb and property. An employee trained in this way can perform their daily work with self-confidence and optimism.

RiskWorkers’ pathway for security for business travellers and expats

Security measures for expats are different from the measures for travellers who are only spending a brief amount of time abroad. RiskWorkers’ key approach lies in tangibly adjusting overseas preparation to the individual overseas project in question..

To do this, we rely on the combined expertise of specialists with international experience. They include psychologists, political scientists, former officers from military special forces and the German security services, as well as risk managers, crisis managers and safety managers. They work together so we can offer you tailor-made travel security training.

The training could include:

  • Realistic assessment of dangers overseas
  • Travel preparations and travel security
  • Victimology, i.e. the victimisation process and the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim
  • Use of infrastructure in the destination country, with regard to security aspects
  • Behaviour in the event of criminal attacks
  • Perception training and training of safe behaviour in selected situations such as:
    • Carjacking
    • Police checks
    • Street robbery
    • Being approached by strangers
    • Nuisance
    • Behaviour in the event of an attack
    • Walking around
  • Including: special modi operandi of overseas perpetrators
  • Security at the hotel


  • Presentation
  • Discussion session and workshop
  • Hands-on exercises
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