Security training

Security training as preparation and coaching for threat scenarios

Security training enables employees to put theory into practice. We use IT security training to show what attacks on business information look like. Security training for business travellers reminds individuals of the dangers to be expected in crisis-hit regions, and we offer training in first aid for remote regions. RiskWorkers' employee training sessions range from crisis management seminars to coaching on de-escalating workplace violence.

Security training for IT risk management

Customer data, company assets and trade secrets – it is easy to manage everything online nowadays. However, this freedom brings with it many new dangers, and employees often lack the instinct for these. We use social engineering awareness training sessions and cyber crisis management team exercises to make participants aware of the risks arising from the Internet.

As part of this, RiskWorkers trainers explain what modern attack scenarios look like, and that they do not involve the use of super-computers to hack passwords or crypto-keys. Cyber-criminals often use psychological methods to lead employees to inadvertently reveal key information. For example, if an employee uses a company laptop to log in to a feigned or captured company WiFi network, there is little stopping the door to your company’s sensitive data from being left wide open.

Even IT professionals need practice to effectively ward off cyber threats. Our IT security training includes exercises for cyber crisis management teams. These teach employees on the cyber crisis team how to handle realistic (albeit simulated) attacks.

Security training for secondments

RiskWorkers’ crisis management seminar, and training session on security for business travellers, focuses on physical risks posed by trips overseas and in crisis-hit areas, rather than virtual dangers. We offer training sessions on security during secondments and on security for expats, based on the company’s activities. As part of this we prepare employees individually for the conditions specific to the region in question, point out potential sources of risk and explain how to behave properly in the host country at hand. Customised travel security training enables you to minimise the risk involved in your overseas projects.

In addition, we recommend that business travellers complete training on first aid in remote regions. There is nothing swifter than first aid, when applied correctly. Many crisis-hit regions do not have access to traditional rescue structures. We realistically prepare your employees for performing life-saving measures to stop bleeding and treat shock under challenging conditions.

Training on violence in the workplace

Often employees do not have to travel to the ends of the earth to come across violence, threats or insults. There are many professional groups who suffer negative experiences with psychological and physical violence on a daily basis in their interactions with customers. Public administrators, railway employees or arbitrators: many employees have to deal with violence in the workplace.

We offer one-day security training sessions for these groups of people. During these sessions psychologists and behavioural trainers discuss how violence impacts the victim. Participants learn how to assess situations correctly, how to avoid risks, and how to talk to angry people to de-escalate the situation.