Security overseas

Security overseas - preventatively and in emergency situations

Can you guarantee that an individual will be safe overseas - both in terms of yourself and your expats? RiskWorkers is committed to making your business trips safe. We aim to combine crisis prevention and crisis response so that we can handle emergencies in an appropriate manner - no matter what time of the day or night.

Trusted partners

Trust begins with our partners. As a result, RiskWorkers sets great store by its competent security advice. Trust in security consultants and crisis management is also key to ensuring that you can respond calmly and deliberately in an emergency. Having faith in years of experience and the ability to fall back on a global security network play a key role in this regard. Only the combination of experience, accurate risk assessment and appropriate measures on the ground can give you and your employees the security you need to fulfil your tasks.

We have worked closely with various insurance companies to create Business Traveller Assistance (BTA). This enables us to offer travel protection for you and your employees, as well as emergency assistance on overseas trips and in risky regions.

Minimise travel risk

We divide trips into three phases on the basis of the risk of an overseas trip.

Phase 1
Prior to secondment/travel:


We start with travel awareness, namely preparing your employees for potentially risky situations, developing concepts to avoid risks and creating communications infrastructure on the ground. Our unique security training programme for travellers plays a key role here.

Phase 2
During the trip:


We establish a corporate hotline for you and your employees within the destination country, enabling employees who need help to find a contact person quickly and reliably. We follow the “one call does it all” principle, so our emergency centre provides swift assistance in the event of security issues and medical incidents.

Phase 3
On-site support:


If necessary, our security advisors will evaluate existing crisis plans and evacuation plans, draw up options to evacuate your employees by sea, land or air, and handle coordination with German and international authorities.

This all enables you to react swiftly to unfortunate developments.

Business traveller assistance – worldwide help with business travel and secondments

International companies that send business travellers and expats on secondment abroad need to rely on skilled emergency assistance. It is difficult to ensure that expats stay safe when travelling through crisis-hit regions, for example. At the same time, business reasons mean that it is impossible to give up on these trips entirely – and this is why RiskWorkers exists, as a consultancy firm specialised in overseas security. Our business traveller assistance programme guarantees expats’ security on the ground thanks to high-quality services that are just a phone call away, even in an emergency. It encompasses a range of measures to ensure that business travellers stay safe – covering preventative actions through to emergency support. As a result, RiskWorkers’ service is unique within Germany, and dramatically boosts overseas security as a whole. Your company’s business travellers and expats will feel comfortable acting in any scenario imaginable.

Security through travel risk management

The first step in guaranteeing overseas security, even remotely, is drawing up a strategy and concept. Travel risk management ensures that travellers and expats can stay safe. However, it is hard for companies to evaluate security risks on the ground in politically turbulent areas or other risky regions.

Nevertheless, you need to be able to offer a precise legal and moral definition of each risk so that you can best prepare your employees to handle the risks on site. RiskWorkers is a consultancy firm offering a professional travel risk management concept to assist you to reach this goal. This can apply preventatively and in emergency situations, during which we respond swiftly and in line with conditions on the ground.

There are many challenges that your employees need to respond to:

  • Regional and cultural differences pose great challenges to employees travelling for the first time, even if they have had prior training.
  • Expats and other business travellers are just as foreign as private tourists, and are therefore generally faced with a higher level of risk.
  • Health risks that we do not experience are a permanent fixture in some other countries.

We rely on tried-and-tested, proven concepts to ensure overseas security. We analyse your existing travel management process, and optimise it if necessary, to ensure your business travellers stay safe. This results in travel risk management tailored to your company, thereby boosting the security of business travellers. Implementation takes into account the organisation and processing of travel, and risk profiles that vary greatly by region, along with other elements.

Our task as a consultancy firm lies in identifying local risks, and training employees affected by these in cultural matters. In doing so, we encounter various risks that could arise as a result of intercultural exchange. Our business traveller assistance ensures that expats can rely on appropriate infrastructure in their destination region. Modern methods such as GPS tracking via smartphone ensure that their location can be verified at any time. This reduces the amount of time taken for each action, and allows active security for business travellers.

The permanent exchange of information is the most important step in ensuring security abroad – and this service is precisely what RiskWorkers offers. We can initiate all the steps that need to be taken in an urgent emergency to provide medical assistance or implement an evacuation plan.

Your employees can always get in touch with our emergency centre 24 hours a day. Individualised telephone numbers ensure that every business traveller has emergency assistance at their fingertips. Existing health insurance policies will be integrated into this process, and we can offer special, tailor-made solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

Evacuation planning by RiskWorkers

It is impossible to draw up a long-term estimate of the political situation on the ground in crisis-hit areas.

RiskWorkers handles the planning for the evacuation of your employees, thereby ensuring travellers stay safe and significantly boosting expats’ security. If the situation on the ground gets worse, meaning that it is no longer safe overseas, the evacuation plan will be triggered automatically.

We then handle the evacuation, and by extension, the option of removing at-risk people from the country.

We collaborate with you to draw up and implement the plan

  • RiskWorkers evaluates any existing evacuation plan
  • Next, options for evacuation by sea, land and/or air are drawn up.
  • All steps are taken in consultation with German and international authorities.
  • RiskWorkers handles the organisation of suitable aircraft.
  • Business travel security is enhanced by detailed evacuation planning.
  • Ultimately, RiskWorkers helps execute every evacuation.
We would be happy to offer you comprehensive advice on our business traveller assistance programme, and on overseas security in general.