Security Executive Search

Security Executive Search - Headhunting for top executives

Trust, social skills, specialist knowledge, managerial ability and cultural fit on the part of the candidate and employer: the search for a security executive must combine lots of factors in the quest to fill key security positions. If, in addition, there is mutual appreciation for this, the personnel placement team could hit a bull's eye when filling the security position.

Recruitment to fill top positions in security management

RiskWorkers GmbH represents success-based searching for top security managers for your company. We draw on our well-stocked, comprehensive recruitment database so we can swiftly fill vacant positions. Our database is full of promising managers of the future: we have often known them for years, tracking them along their careers. This is added value that can help you, as the customer, save a costly, tedious search for a security executive.

We go far beyond simple recruitment to ensure effective head-hunting within the security sphere. Our experienced advisors create tailor-made requirements profiles for the personal and specialist skills that the ideal candidate will possess. We identify candidates with the qualities necessary for your company from within our well-populated network of national and international contacts and through targeted direct contact.

Consulting as a success concept

We find suitable candidates for vacant security positions and help you to convince these talented individuals of the qualities of your company. In addition, we are by your side from the selection of candidates (with sound diagnostic assessment of specialist expertise and social skills), through to motivating promising individuals.

Even once the position has been successfully filled we continue our role by holding intensive, on-going discussions with you (as the customer) and the candidates. This ensures a high level of quality and constant transparency, no matter what phase of the project. Benefit from our years of experience in security executive searches: we will find a perfect candidate who can bring your company forward.