Personal protection

We are a Security services company and offer you a wide range of first-class services in the areas of Security and Security services. As personal security we always act inconspicuously and focus on defense of potential threat scenarios. The aim is to avert attacks on the life, image or corresponding freedom of action of our clients.

We offer Protection where you need it and work with a specially trained team of Security Professionals. Among our customers rank for example humans from politics, the economy and the media, who stand in the intensified center of medialen attention. Especially at official events large crowds of people of fans, journalists as well as potential conflict parties often meet – in the worst case a corresponding danger situation can develop quickly from this. We as reliable and serious Personnel protectors accompany you at your appointments in public as well as drive you safely from A to B. In addition to the actual personal security services, we are also active as a security company with many years of experience in the region in the areas of security concepts and security consulting. Here we consider your individual situation and advise you holistically with regard to security. Furthermore, with our regular safety trainings, we ensure that your employees can also deal with possible dangerous situations at the workplace and avert them. In the following sections we would therefore like to go into more detail about our services in the areas of personal protection and safety technology and how we contribute to your safety.

Hazard analyses, Security concepts and consulting as well as Personal protection services – our services for you at a glance

You benefit in terms of Security consulting especially from our holistic Security training for private, public and institutional customers.
Here we carry out for you extensive safety trainings for the behaviour in threat scenarios in the form of deescalation trainings at the workplace. Furthermore, we prepare your employees for the physical dangers of a stay abroad by offering a crisis management as well as safety trainings for business travellers. However, our safety consulting services also aim to prevent violence at work, in which we specifically train your employees in the extent to which they deal with violence, threats and insults at work. For these and other groups we offer you our valuable safety trainings, in which we cooperate with psychologists and behavioural trainers. Find out here how to correctly assess the relevant situations and how to avoid potential dangers in a targeted manner. Furthermore, we create individual security concepts for you, in which we first carry out a hazard analysis in order to then implement the individual protective measures at your site.
We always ensure that your individual freedom of movement is impaired as little as possible. If the possible Security concept, we offer you in the implementation of our final Personal protection services in addition the Protection of security endangered customers in the public and private sector, a holistic Accompanying protection, reliable Driving services and also Bodyguards. Benefit above all from our specially trained team of security staff with a special feeling for the respective situation. Our Personnel protectors always act in the background and have before their activity with us mostly successful careers with the Federal Police or the Federal Armed Forces behind them. We therefore offer you a maximum of experience, reliability and security – also within the framework of protective intelligence.

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Leave the topic security no longer to chance and work together with an experienced and reliable partner in terms of security services. Regardless of whether you would like to make use of our discreet personal protection services or our consulting services – you will always receive the highest level of quality and sustainability from us and also benefit from the favourable prices of our versatile range of services. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of employees today. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding concept for your individual situation, for which we would also be happy to get a picture directly at your premises. You can therefore reach our team around the clock and can always count on us in case of need. In this context, we look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best until the time is right!