Investigations in the event of criminal acts

Companies can quickly find themselves the target of police investigations, whether as the victims of criminal acts or as a result of being accused by their competitors. RiskWorkers can help you meet your due diligence obligation for investors, build up trust with customers and banks, and collaborate with investigators to swiftly shelve any investigations against you. We can help you with investigations: from the first suspicion of criminal activity through to the complete resolution of the situation. The focus in this regard is on the limitation of financial damage and the prevention of a loss of trust and image as far as banks, insurance companies, business partners and customers are concerned.

Discretion when possible – determination when necessary

Any instance of white-collar crime requires swift intervention from management to minimise potential damage. Crimes such as theft, breach of trust or embezzlement primarily affect a company’s assets. By contrast, bribery, insurance fraud or credit fraud send an undesirable signal to the market, which can put off investors, business partners and customers. Swift, prudent action in the event of a crisis, and in collaboration with investigators, enables us to keep your business partners’ trust as investigations are ongoing.

We can help you out with investigations even from when the first suspicions are raised. We take a discreet, resolute approach to tracking down anonymous tip-offs, and investigating the background behind financial disputes. Of course, we focus on speed and confidentiality to protect your company. We get the results we are looking for as a result of RiskWorkers’ forensic approach to investigations, combined with our skills in the fields of open source and social media intelligence. This work really takes the pressure off managers in unpleasant investigations.

An overview of our services

Expert investigations and advice in the event of suspected fraud, such as:

  • Bribery, theft, breach of trust or embezzlement
  • Determination of responsibilities
  • Research on companies and people (corporate intelligence services)
  • Investigations on insurance and credit fraud
  • Creation of expositions that can be used in court
  • Quantification of damage