Crisis Response

Crisis response - Every second counts

Crisis response is an immediate response in the event of abduction, blackmail, fraud or threats to a company's assets. In an emergency you can rely on RiskWorkers' years of experience. We have been able to protect lives, and companies' reputation and assets, in numerous instances thanks to our professional handling of crisis situations around the world.

RiskWorkers – a safety net in critical situations

It is only possible to recognise recurring patterns, predict situations and assess which crisis response strategy represents the best way to manage a crisis if you are involved in crisis situations time and again. RiskWorkers has been able to build up its vast expertise across innumerable cases, thereby perfecting its approach.

If you, your employees or your company end up in a threatening situation due to piracy, illegal detention, kidnapping, terrorism or similar situations, our Response Team will immediately send suitable consultants to your location to assess the incidents and their circumstances. We will use their professional assessments to explain the possible consequences to you, along with potential and advantageous negotiation strategies and alternatives for decision-making.

We will stand by your side as your partner throughout, from swiftly establishing links to all the parties involved through to victim rehabilitation after the crisis is over. We will give you backing and support so that you are never left with your back to the wall.

An overview of our Crisis Response services

Our advisors are employed by us, and ready to be seconded anywhere in the world at any time to make our customers’ crisis management teams fit for action. You will also be assisted by our news team composed of multi-lingual analysts who determine criminals’ tactics and motives.

Our international crisis response team will help you with

  • Establishment of the crisis organisation
  • Revision and preparation of crisis management manuals
  • Advice and support in crisis situations
  • Crisis response in the event of extortion, product extortion, kidnapping or other emergencies domestically and overseas
  • Care of employees after crisis situations by specially trained psychologists
  • Execution of exercises for the crisis management team and emergency drills
Emergency? Crisis? Get in touch with RiskWorkers without delay.