Crisis management

Crisis management - swift response in an emergency

Effective crisis management enables companies to avoid "freezing in shock" in an emergency. They learn how to respond in a prudent manner and take effective steps to manage the crisis. You can fall back on RiskWorkers' broad catalogue of services for crisis prevention and crisis response to ensure that this responsiveness is achieved.

Establishment of crisis management structures within the company

Comprehensive advice on crisis management represents the first building block within the crisis prevention/response structure, and enables your company to act in emergency situations both domestically and overseas. Company-focused crisis management, with a manual and checklists for crisis management, prepares your employees and managers for scenarios that could threaten the company’s existence if they catch you unprepared.

Preparation for an emergency

RiskWorkers begins setting up crisis management structures by analysing and revising existing structures and manuals. We consult with management to explain the measures that can be added to this to ensure effective crisis management. The next step sees RiskWorkers establish company-specific crisis prevention which aims to construct and define crisis organisation. Responsible officers are given access to our international crisis response team, and employees take part in crisis management team and emergency practice sessions to prepare them for possible emergencies.

The final step relates to crisis response in the event of an emergency. RiskWorkers will be at your side, from offering advice and support, through to our crisis response team’s management of an emergency situation, caring for employees after traumatic events thanks to specially trained psychologists, through to the restoration of regular operation.

Service overview: crisis management consulting

  • Revision and preparation of crisis management manuals
  • Establishment of the crisis organisation
  • Support and advice on crisis management
  • Psychological care of employees
  • Crisis response in domestic and overseas emergencies
  • Access to the international crisis response team
  • Execution of exercises for the crisis management team and emergency drills

Crisis prevention and the establishment of crisis management structures

Crisis-level emergencies can happen both domestically and overseas. They confront employees and managers with a huge amount of stress. Even managers used to stress will struggle to keep a cool head if a company is threatened by kidnapping, piracy, blackmail, threats to employees or illegal incarceration.

In this instance, RiskWorkers’ specialists can help with preventative measures to manage a crisis. The team of security advisors will prepare you and your employees for the worst-case scenario. A team composed of specialists in fraud, terrorism, pandemics, extortion and extremism will draw up crisis management manuals for potential scenarios, assist with the establishment of crisis organisation and conduct crisis management team exercises and emergency drills. This means that your company is perfectly prepared in the event that an emergency arises unexpectedly.

Crisis response in an emergency

Once you are in a crisis situation every second counts. Our crisis response team has the necessary expertise to handle these situations, acquired via hundreds of cases over many years. RiskWorkers can advise you on the necessary steps and assist you with measures on the ground. We can send advisors to the site of the crisis to assess the circumstances, recommend negotiation strategies and establish connections with all of the parties involved.

With the assistance of our news team composed of multi-lingual analysts, we get to grips with kidnappers’ likely motivation and expected tactics, enabling a customer’s crisis management team to be totally agile. In the worst-case scenario, we have specially trained psychologists on hand to handle victim rehabilitation and look after employees after a crisis situation.