Background checks

Background checks and candidate checks - RiskWorkers' strengths

Routine background checks, and a candidate check prior to a new employee being hired, protect your company from incalculable risk. The key HR diagnostic findings of this will let you understand how your applicants think, encourage positive motivation, and block the negligent attitude shown by unsuitable employees. By contrast, careful investigations in the event of white-collar crime or breaches of compliance guidelines can help minimise the risk to a company's value and good standing.

Applicant checks when selecting employees

Employees are a key factor that can make or break a company’s success. It is important to select them carefully to ensure economic success in these times of intensified global competition. As competition increases, so too do the demands on staff. Expert specialist skills, motivation to work well and moral integrity: these are the qualifications to look for in future employees. Extensive social analysis provides much-needed insights to ensure candidates’ suitability.

Given the negative evolution of the security situation within Germany, across Europe and around the world, companies and HR managers must ask themselves if they are doing everything they can as part of recruitment activities and their ongoing relationship with employees to minimise risk to employees, the company’s values and reputation. This does not only apply to defending against terrorist threats: it is also the case against the background of espionage, fraud and other white-collar crimes.

Security with new hires

RiskWorkers’ candidate checks protect your company from black sheep so that your workforce can be as productive as possible. Pre-employment checks uncover unsuitable applicants who cannot even take the first step towards your company as a result. At the same time, they reveal the potential for motivation that you can cleverly target to achieve the highest performance from your employees.

So, what should you do? What are the basic questions that need to be answered?

  • What does the modern review process look like? What can be improved?
  • Is a good conduct certificate from the police enough to see if a candidate is really “clean”?
  • Does their CV match up to the truth?
  • Do the academic and professional references, and their degrees, really correspond to the facts of the matter?
  • Can former colleagues confirm that the information is accurate?

Caution instead of regret

Background- und Bewerber-Checks | RiskWorkers Sicherheitsberatung

Advantage of knowledge to minimise operational risks

Germany is currently transforming from an industrial society to a knowledge society. Employees are the true capital of many companies: they hold the knowledge and creative potential. The more a company bases its value on its employees, the greater the risk of potential damages caused by the loss of expertise or white-collar crime. The outflow of key expertise can quickly threaten a company’s existence, if no preparation is done for this.

As a result, RiskWorkers does not just check applicants’ integrity. We also assist you with other risk management matters. Our Darknet Intelligence team focuses on tracking the illegal spread of corporate data and sensitive documents across the Internet. We have the tools and specialist knowledge needed to trace instances where your company’s information has been abused.

If you need a skilled partner to carry out checks on candidates, to assist you with risk management, or to give you professional support with threat management or crisis management, you can trust that RiskWorkers will help you.