Security and crisis management

Professional security and crisis management

Projects, employees and a company's reputation are at the heart of the corporate values at risk that should be protected by means of effective security and crisis management. What do we recommend for a holistic approach and innovative security management? Combat modern-day challenges with our modular portfolio of services that will prepare you professionally and efficiently for impending dangers and hidden risks.

Security management in crisis-hit areas

It is only possible to tap into the full market potential available overseas if you are willing to invest in up-and-coming regions. Lucrative business areas are often located within crisis-hit areas and other risky regions where every business trip is fraught with danger. Our tried-and-trusted security management approach takes hazards into account before they become acute, and helps in preventing the incidents that could result from this. Careful analysis is everything for emergency and crisis management. As a result, we start by establishing the status quo and then adapt project management, organisation of travel or the secondment process to the region-specific risk elements that we have uncovered.

Experience from Munich

One of your duties as a corporate officer lies in carefully and comprehensively preparing your staff to face the dangers of risky secondments. We will stand by your side throughout this task. We work preventatively to boost your employees’ security thanks to an all-inclusive security management approach. Furthermore, our crisis management approach helps you to keep a cool head in serious emergencies so that you can respond decisively and effectively.

We have years of experience and involvement in the largest security network in the world, and can assist you with the following services:

  • Provision of a professional country database
  • Travel tracking
  • Security training
  • Secured pick-up of your employees on the ground
  • Transport within the destination country
  • Security planning
  • Emergency planning