Predictive Profiling

detect crimes before they happen


If someone in a shop constantly looks around and nervously roams the shelves, he makes himself suspicious. In predictive profiling, specialists analyse the behaviour of suspicious people. Their psychological knowledge helps them put a stop to criminals before they can strike. In this course you will learn the cornerstones of predictive profiling and how to apply them in your daily work.

What the course will bring you:

  • Comprehensible introduction to Predictive Profiling
  • Illustrative examples to recognize criminals by their behavior
  • Clear insights into the psyche of thieves and terrorists
  • Solides Wissen zum Umgang mit verdächtigen Objekten
  • Reliable tips for prevention of crime through psychology


The course consists of the following modules: 

  1. Basiswissen: What is predictive profiling?
  2. Prevention: Reactive vs. preventive crime prevention
  3. Suspicion: What makes someone or something suspicious
  4. Behavior: Catch criminals in the planning phase
  5. Retail: Typical behaviour of shoplifters
  6. Terrorism: Seeing through the behaviour of assassins
  7. Objects: Handling suspicious objects
  8. Knowledge of human nature: Reasons for a legitimate suspicion

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