Global network

RiskWorkers GmbH is internationally well-connected thanks to its global network. This means that, no matter where are customers are in the world, we can offer them the security management services that they want, and guarantee that we can put them into practice. Whether you want a secure pick-up in Nigeria, a safety assessment in Algeria, or personal protection in Iraq, we'll do it for you. As part of this we set great store by existing personal contacts and ensuring that we meet our quality markers.

The world’s largest privately owned global security network is at your disposal

The RiskWorkers GmbH team includes experienced security and crisis consultants as well as skilled analysts, investigators and psychologists. Many of the employees have an official background. For example, former members of the Special Forces Command of the German Army form part of the team. As part of the world’s largest privately owned security network, with more than 60,000 security staff around the glove, we can offer swift, high-quality service.

In addition to support in crisis situations, such as in the event of kidnap or extortion, we are also able to take preventative steps to boost the security of projects, expats and travellers.

We have contacts and supportive advisors on every continent to assist with preventative security management and crisis response.

Contact us, so that your company can benefit from the mix of experience, competence and innovation.