Targeted screening

Targeted screening of web and social media content

Protective Intelligence is a reliable system that recognises risks early on. We use this technology and our analysts to search the World Wide Web itself, social networks and similar media. This kind of risk monitoring enables us to work within private frameworks to determine, quickly and accurately, whether the security of individuals or their families has been compromised, and therefore places them at risk. As a result, Protective Intelligence helps us act quickly and, if necessary, initiate traditional security measures. If you want to bring personal protection into the 21st century, you will not be able to ignore our Protective Intelligence service.

Analogue and digital security – thanks to Protective Intelligence

We always compare Protective Intelligence to a radar system surrounding you. It protects you in the digital world, without you being able to smell, taste or touch it.
This type of early risk detection provides an image of the virtual footprint of the individual to be protected. Target groups in this regard include Board members, CEOs, VIPs, sportspeople, politicians and similar individuals.

All the findings from risk monitoring are incorporated into comprehensive reports. In addition, social media influencers can be identified and psychological threat management carried out. The result is a detailed report with risk weighting and an action plan.