Identity protection for banks and insurance companies

Identity protection for banks and insurance companies

It is rare that data lost online can be traced. Much of this data is not located in freely accessible parts of the Internet: it is on the darknet. Criminals store people's personal data on the darknet, with the aim of selling this at a later point in time or fraudulently using it themselves. This issue poses many risks for companies, and we hope to combat these for you by offering improved online identity protection. Insurance companies and banks, in particular, are changing. As a result, identity protection is becoming more important for banks and insurance companies.

Digitalisation will be a driver over the next few years. So far, solutions to handle cyber risks have only been invented for the B2C sphere. Change is already underway here. Individual customers and families are faced with more risks from cyberspace. This is where we come in to support our partners from the spheres of banking and insurance. Reliable identity protection solutions for banks and insurance companies provide your companies with the security needed to build up trust and thereby operate successfully in the long term.

The importance of identity protection for banks and insurance companies

It is particularly important to take online identity protection seriously as a result of the increasing popularity of the darknet and deep web for criminal activity. The traditional World Wide Web, as you know it, only makes up 4% of the Internet’s total volume. All the other activities take place on the deep web and darknet. There, people can find personal data that they are not authorised to access. In turn they can misuse this information in various ways – from “simple” identity theft through to cyber-mobbing.

We offer a system that monitors the darknet and deep web, looking for information that could identify an individual. Special forensic methods ensure a high hit rate, and, by extension, comprehensive online identity protection. Our work means that you can prevent almost 850 million users a day from accessing your information.

Identity protection thanks to a special early warning system

Those affected are rarely responsible for the theft of personal information. Attackers can gain important personal information by targeting social media platforms, hotels, online retailers and many other companies. Data is stored hundreds of thousands of times in these locations, making them an ideal destination for criminals. We monitor credit cards, account information, ID card numbers and email addresses 24/7, and if we get a hit, we inform the customer or principal directly.

Our service ensures that you have strong online identity protection by warning you when your personal information is misused online. To do this, we comb through the darknet and deep web for information that might be relevant. We ultimately create an early warning system that notifies you in good time so you can take countermeasures.

We offer numerous services that can be combined with each other to provide holistic identity protection:

  • You will receive extensive advice on the issue of online identity fraud and identity protection.
  • We use powerful monitoring software to track personal information on the darknet.
  • We can advise you in the event of identity theft and any potential cyber-mobbing that may arise from this.
  • It is annoying to lose data as a result of identity theft. We provide data recovery services for popular devices such as laptops, smartphones, PCs and more.

You will ultimately be given a professional security concept to protect your identity online.

Online identity protection through radar software

Our technical solution for identifying risks on the darknet as well as in the public part of the Internet is one of the most advanced of its kind. Our software scans all the accessible parts of the Internet 24 hours a day for harmful information about you (or any employees), and serves as an early-warning system for identifying potential sources of danger.

The online radar reveals any information that is truly important, thereby effectively preventing identity theft and cyber-mobbing.

This includes data such as:

  • Individuals’ names and addresses, as well as email addresses.
  • Bank account numbers and credit card or debit card information.
  • Driver’s licence, ID cards, passport numbers and similar information.
  • If available: loyalty card numbers, frequent flyer account data and more.

Simple integration of modern security measures for banks and insurance companies

We provide all insurance companies and banks with the tools and solutions necessary to include excellent, reliable identity protection within existing products and services. You, as our partner, will decide on the precise products that will benefit from our processes for improved identity protection for banks and insurance companies. For example, in the case of identity protection solutions for insurance companies, legal protection and home insurance products have proved themselves to be potential carrier products. Ultimately, you will decide how to implement the “identity protection” component at your company. We will provide you with the appropriate technological and operational basis for this. These can also include affinity products for our banking customers: they can be attached to services relating to account management or credit cards.

Tried-and-tested identity protection solutions for insurance companies and banks

If necessary, you will receive all-inclusive service that handles the processing of an identity protection programme. This will include the following services:

  • The complete set-up of the subsequent website.
  • The definition of desired search terms – the reliable identification of search terms within the darknet and deep web.
  • The transmission of acute alerts and recommended optional steps to each customer.
  • The operation of a hotline, which is available 24/7.
  • If necessary, a prestigious network of specialised lawyers can be provided to assert claims against the operators of external webpages.
  • If necessary, a prestigious network of psychologists can be provided to look after victims of cyber-mobbing that has occurred as a result of online identity theft.