Darknet Intelligence

Darknet Intelligence guarantees information security in the era of P2P

Darknet Intelligence enables us to tackle risks to your company that result from information being disseminated on the darknet. File sharing no longer takes place exclusively within private frameworks with the aim of trading films or music. Criminals can use one of over 3,000 services to gain confidential information about you, as well as about your clients and business partners. We work closely alongside you to improve IT risk management and provide on-site IT security with the aim of combating these risks from the darknet and deep web.

Darknet Intelligence in detail

The darknet is no longer in its infancy. Although you can still download films, music and other copyright-protected artefacts, as before, criminals working in industrial and corporate spheres have also discovered that it is possible to share files across the darknet and deep web. Confidential customer data, sensitive financial information and similar documents written by businesspeople, consumers and government officials see important information cropping up in the darknet with increasing frequency.

Darknet Intelligence is a system we have developed that makes every piece of information visible and enables damage to be limited within companies. A glance at the facts shows how necessary this is:

  • 3,000 different platforms offer file-sharing services every day, along with the associated data.
  • Almost 70% of global traffic is a result of Peer-to-Peer exchanges and the illegal sharing of data.
  • All the services together comprise billions of searches a day, which places popular search engines in the shade.

Due to these huge numbers alone it is likely that your information will find its way online sooner or later. In this regard, the construction of decentralised networks is challenging. Data is not available via freely accessibly URLs on the World Wide Web; rather, it is located in obscure networks. This makes it impossible to search using traditional search engines. Our technology makes it possible to search through the deep web, thereby improving your company’s IT security.

Darknet Intelligence protects your business

Our technology draws on forensic methods to track down information of any kind. This means that we can supply our customers with monitoring services as well as the tools needed to disclose information and prevent its dissemination. As a result, we have a key role to play in ensuring your company’s IT security. Many years after their emergence, P2P networks, file-sharing and TOR still pose a serious threat for companies of any size – which makes it even more important that you select a strong partner, such as us, to protect you.