Digital risk management

Digital risk management

In this era of freely-accessible exchange platforms hosted on the darknet and deep web, along with the enormous data sets of sensitive documents shared via such platforms, digital risk management is of key importance to your company.

Improved IT risk management to outsmart criminals

The power of the services we offer is based on darknet intelligence and deep web intelligence, along with the monitoring of TOR, BitTorrent and P2P connections in general. These exchange platforms are not a traditional part of the World Wide Web, and cannot be accessed via a URL. This makes it difficult for companies to monitor them and thereby identify data theft or the unauthorised transmission of information. The sheer size of P2P networks (3 billion searches are made around the world every day) makes it impossible for companies to monitor these platforms in practice. Without strong digital risk management, your company will be faced with the ongoing risk of data losses, even though you might not be able to trace these as a result of the decentralised nature of P2P networks.

Exchange platforms are still living up to their reputation as trading points for music, films and software: nowadays they make up almost 70% of total Internet traffic. However, the spectrum is now much broader, and has grown to include confidential documents, sensitive information, customer data and internal information about companies, consumers and government bodies. Billions of these documents circulate around the darknet every year, often inadvertently, unknowingly passed on by employees, business partners, customers, suppliers and others. Only secure, needs-focused, intelligence-based risk management can enable your company to stay safe from this controversial risk.

Monitoring your company’s data

For us, digital risk management includes supporting information security by automatically screening the darknet and deep web. This enables you to understand what information reaches the public about you, your customers, and your partners, and what you can do about this.

We hold regular training sessions to bolster our information protection programme. These sessions aim to use courses on crisis management in cyberspace to teach IT risk management, or to use awareness programmes to make all employees aware of the risks of social engineering. Our services ensure that your company is ultimately home to a working environment in which information is kept secure.