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Security management for domestic, overseas and cyber risks

RiskWorkers offers professional preparation to help you face overseas risks, protect corporate values and offer defence against threats from the darkest corners of the Internet. Our experienced team of specialists can organise your security management both at home and abroad, optimise your crisis management and expand your digital risk management. Risky overseas secondments can be successfully completed if your employees avoid risks that they are able to recognise swiftly thanks to our security training.

RiskWorkers MD, Mr. Oliver Schneider, Joins Scylla Advisory Board as a Partner for Scylla Germany

Munich, June 6, 2019

Scylla is a modern AI-based protective intelligence suite that enhances operational activities of law enforcement in the following 3 main areas: PTD-preventive threat detection, VIT-vehicle identification, and tracking, SSIS-smart suspect identification system. The system uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze data coming from stationary and portable cameras, then it processes the acquired data to generate meaningful information about the activity contained in the video stream. Scylla matches the results of data through the Smart Decision Making algorithm Charon to identify the potential threats about suspect, activity or vehicle in the video feed. It distributes alerts to law enforcement response units through our web and mobile channels with the information about the subject, location and the identity of the potential threat. Find the full press release here: Scylla Blog

About RiskWorkers

The RiskWorkers GmbH team includes experienced security and crisis consultants as well as skilled analysts, investigators and psychologists. Many of the employees have an official background. For example, former members of the Special Forces Command of the German Army form part of the team. As part of the world’s largest privately owned security network, with more than 60,000 security staff around the glove, we can offer swift, high-quality service. In addition to support in crisis situations, such as in the event of kidnap or extortion, we are also able to take preventative steps to boost travellers’ security.

RiskWorkers represents innovation, performed by a team with several decades of experience in security, risk and crisis management. We know that it is almost impossible to separate virtual risk from real risk. This is why RiskWorkers decided to merge these two formely separate risk worlds – and current developments are proving us right! Social media, blogs, forums and other forms of the darknet and the Internet are increasingly influencing our lives. So too are current and future socio-economic developments impacting on the security of businesses and private individuals.

Security overseas Security overseas

The global economy also requires German companies to get involved in risky foreign countries. Professional management of travel and project risks enable you to reduce these risks.

Social engineering Social engineering

Cyber attacks against businesses and government agencies are strategically planned today. Hackers combine spyware with psychological manipulation techniques.

Darknet Intelligence Darknet Intelligence

Confidential documents are traded on global peer-to-peer file sharing networks, on the darknet and deep web. RiskWorkers can monitor this dark side of the Internet.

Security training Security training

RiskWorkers' employee training ranges from training on data protection, security training ahead of business trips and secondments to training on de-escalating workplace violence.

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